SB180 Comes to a Close

While SB 180 successfully made it out of the Senate Natural Resources Committee last month (7-5), the bill was three votes shy of passing in the full Senate on March 1, 2021. You can see the full vote tally here.

This bill, introduced by Senator Pat Flowers, proposed to appoint a soil health task force to explore how Montana can promote and support farming and ranching methods that improve the health of Montana soils, and the yield and profitability of the state’s agricultural lands. SB180 was the first time a soil health bill was introduced in the Montana legislature and there was strong support for the bill despite it not passing. As we close the chapter on this bill, please consider taking one or more of the following actions:

  1. If you know Senator Pat Flowers, live in his district, or just care about soil health, please thank him for his leadership on this bill. He was a great champion for soil health this session and continues to work tirelessly under challenging circumstances.
  2. Thank your senator if they voted for SB 180. See the list here to find out how all senators voted. And, go here, to find their contact information. These lawmakers will appreciate hearing that their vote in support of soil health mattered to their constituents.  
  3. If you or your organization wants to be involved in future soil health conversations, please reach out to Grow Montana at, and any of the conservation districts, watershed groups, or other organizations working to advance soil health work in Montana.

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