Grow Montana has partnered with Highland Economics to research the economic and social impact of local food systems in the state.Highland Economics Logo

The goal of the study is to provide critical information to policy makers and other stakeholders concerning economic impacts and potential of local food systems in Montana. The study will address the following questions:

    • What is the magnitude of the local food market in Montana currently? What is the potential for this market to grow given demographic and consumer preference trends and the capacity of the Montana agricultural sector?
    • Which agricultural sectors or industries are most reliant on local demand within the state? 
    • What is the total economic contribution due to the local food market in Montana? 
    • What are other types of benefits and wealth that are created or supported by the local food market in Montana, including those related to health, and social and cultural capital?   

The study will begin in January of 2021 and results will be shared with our coalition members and the public. Regular updates will be provided in News & Events.