How We Work

Our coalition members are state and local organizations doing food systems work in their communities and across the state. A steering committee of member organizations drive coalition decisions. We rely on Montana citizens and member constituents to be our allies in promoting our work by showing up during bi-annual legislative sessions, engaging in action opportunities, and providing feedback at annual meetings and expos.

What matters to us
Grow Montana works to:
• Improve all Montana residents’ access to safe, nutritious, and culturally appropriate foods
• Improve fair labor practices throughout the food and agriculture economy
• Strengthen Montana’s interconnected regional and agriculture economies
• Enhance stewardship and protection of Montana’s water, soil, and agricultural lands
• Promote regenerative, sustainable agriculture as a means of resiliency by mitigating and adapting to changing climate and weather variabilities
• Support family farms, both small and midscale, as a means of strengthening the local food system

You can find more information on our work by following these links:

The Grow Montana Food Policy Coalition engages with our members, allies, and others across the state to lift barriers and create opportunities for a robust Montana-based food system. Based on grassroots outreach, we establish priority areas, which we address through research, education, and advocacy.

Grow Montana’s policy priorities are based on the grassroots experiences of our members and others working on the ground in local food and agriculture. As consensus-based coalition, we seek common-sense, broad-based solutions. Our initiatives appeal to many, and have gained bi-partisan support over the years.