Child Holding Apple

Learn More about Farm to School at this Year’s Montana Farm to School Summit

Farm to School is most successful when diverse community members and stakeholders take part in implementation. If you are interested in “Digging Deeper” and learning more about Farm to School, consider attending the Montana Farm to School Summit in August. Learn and share how Montana schools and programs are cultivating success through the core elements of farm to school–serving local foods, school gardens, and nutrition, agriculture, and food education. Workshops, field trips, and networking opportunities will provide inspiration and skill building. The conference will feature national and Montana farm to school champions who will share their stories and experiences. The summit will feature Montana Harvest of the Month successes and resources. The target audience includes all stakeholders involved and interested in farm to school. This includes school and summer food service personnel, teachers, school administration, childcare providers, parents, students, food producers and vendors, farm to school practitioners including FoodCorps service members, groups that support farm to school efforts, and more. More information is available on this 2021 Summit Flyer: