Grow Montana’s 2009 Legislative Priorities

A Bill to Support Six Established Montana Food and Agricultural Development Centers (HB 583)

Montanans want a safe and stable food and energy supply. We could meet that demand ourselves, but we lack critical food processing and alternative energy production infrastructure to meet the demand. Sponsored by John Fleming (D – St. Ignatius), HB 583 provides funding for six established food and agricultural development centers – traditionally known as “food innovation centers” and more recently “bio-product innovation centers” – to maintain and modestly build on Montana’s capacity to assist entrepreneurs in the areas of food manufacturing and alternative energy production. These centers hold tremendous potential for economic development in both urban and rural communities by ensuring that more of the state’s food, agricultural, and energy dollars circulate in Montana – revitalizing communities, improving access to healthier food for our citizens, and reconnecting our rural and urban economies.

A FAQ paper has also been developed, read it here [PDF/143KB]